North Stradbroke Island business operators are invited to attend these free interactive workshops to help them adjust to changes affecting the local economy and capitalise on new market opportunities as they arise.

Topics include:

  • business planning
  • marketing planning
  • website strategies
  • social media
  • email marketing
  • traffic generation

Time: All workshops: 9 am–1 pm, free morning tea is provided.

Venue: Banksia Room, Point Lookout Bowls Club, 75 Point Dickson Way, Point Lookout | View map

To register or for more information contact Alice Langford: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 07 3457 1228 or 0419 007 709


  • Tony Curl – Marketing and Business Growth
  • Steve Fallon – Digital Business


Date Topic Facilitator
Tuesday 27 March Business plan health check – hands on workshop assessing and reviewing the current business plan. Once we work through the current reality, we will work on setting goals and key performance indicators for the business and plot a path for growth. Tony Curl
Wednesday 28 March Website use – covering the basics: Domain names, website hosting, website platforms, website data, forms, pop-ups and insight into your analytics. Change the focus of your website from an information site to a marketing site. “Your website must work for your business!”. Steve Fallon
Tuesday 17 April Getting the message right – Part 1: If you are looking to market your business better and more effectively, your plan starts from a base. This workshop will work through the basis of your marketing message by diving into your unique selling proposition, ideal customer and target customer. We will also work through a SWOT analysis or a TOWS analysis and competitor analysis to start the marketing program. Tony Curl
Wednesday 18 April Website use – intermediate level: Using forms to harvest email, retargeting and remarketing setup, analytics, keyword optimisation, mobile responsiveness, page-load speed, video usage, integrations (TripAdvisor, YouTube, etc.), ecommerce, online bookings, reviews etc. "Your Website Is the Marketing Hub of Your Business ". Steve Fallon
Tuesday 1 May Getting the message right – Part 2: A continuation of the first workshop, this will further define your marketing message by diving deeper into your unique selling Proposition, Ideal Customer and Target customer. We will also revisit your competitor analysis to assist you in developing ideas for your marketing strategy. Tony Curl
Tuesday 2 May Traffic generation and analytics – the basics: Search engine traffic (Google My Places), Search engine optimisation (SEO) basics (understanding "on-page" and "off page" optimisation and the importance of both), analytics basics and keyword research basics. Starting a blog (if applicable to the business). Steve Fallon
Tuesday 8 May Marketing strategy – Part 1: After working through the “Getting the Message Right” workshops and with a solid base, this workshop introduces a 12-month marketing strategy. It provides the opportunity to develop a broad 12-month strategy of marketing for your business both offline and online. Tony Curl
Wednesday 9 May Traffic generation and analytics – intermediate: Search engine traffic (competitor research – tracking rankings, etc.), search engine optimisation (SEO) intermediate (implementing "on-page" and "off page" optimisation strategies), analytics and search console. Blogging with video. Tony Curl
Tuesday 15 May Marketing strategy – Part 2: This workshop ramps up to work through a 12-month marketing strategy. It provides the opportunity to develop a broad 1- month strategy of marketing for your business both offline and online. Tony Curl
Wednesday 16 May Social media: Steve explains the basic marketing applications of social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn – proper setup of profiles, and posting options with resources and worksheets to help you work through these. Steve Fallon
Tuesday 22 May Strengthen your business – what risks are evident in your business set-up? Customer risk? Safety risk? Compliance risk? Profitability risk? Growth risk? Intellectual property risk? Using a range of tools, we will explore the reality of business risk and help set and support strategy to minimise business risk. Tony Curl
Wednesday 23 May Social media: Intermediate focus to really refine the target audience and different methods including Facebook groups, hashtags, user generated content, viral posts, competition marketing (the right way) scheduled posts and Facebook messenger. Steve Fallon
Tuesday 29 May Business plan on one page – Part 1: In this workshop, Tony will introduce the business plan on a page model (and its importance) – a business canvas to provide immediate clarity for the business owner/ manager on all aspects of the business. This plan is flexible and simpler to implement and adjust in line with your business. Tony Curl
Wednesday 30 May PPC – pay per click and SEM – search engine marketing: Google AdWords Basics, setting up an AdWords account, terminology – return on investment and measurement. Facebook Ads Basics, local targeting. Ad types. Basic understanding of do's and don'ts of paid ads. Steve Fallon
Tuesday 5 June Business plan on one page – Part 2: In this hands-on workshop Tony will work with you to refine your business plan on the one page business canvas building on the previous workshop activities. Tony will also explain how to adapt the plan with changes and growth. Tony Curl
Wednesday 6 June Email marketing basics: The different types of customer relationship management (CRM) and their effectiveness and how to integrate a CRM with your website. Basic newsletter generation and email sequences. Creating an email following. Email marketing within the SPAM regulations. Steve Fallon
Tuesday 12 June Scale and strategy: Structuring your business to grow and to scale is vital for continued success. Systems, forecasts, scaling and structuring for growth are just some of the topics we will work through with this workshop. Tony Curl
Wednesday 13 June Digital strategy session: Bringing together development of the digital strategy including an introduction to online marketing funnels and how all of the platforms interact with each other to build your online strategy for customer growth. Steve Fallon