Declared in 2008, the 16,885-hectare Abbot Point State Development Area (SDA) is located approximately 20 kilometres north-west of Bowen, in North Queensland.

It was established to facilitate large-scale industrial and port-related development of regional, state and national significance.

Managed by the Coordinator-General, the Abbot Point SDA supports enterprise and job creation in a way that considers environmental, cultural, and social issues as well as existing industry and surrounding infrastructure within the region.

The Abbot Point SDA development scheme

The Abbot Point SDA development scheme is a regulatory document that controls development within the Abbot Point SDA (predominately land use, operational work and reconfiguring a lot). It was first approved by the state government in June 2008.

Download the current Development Scheme for the Abbot Point State Development Area (PDF icon 3.1 MB).

Earlier versions of the development scheme are available below.

The development scheme is supported by a policy on public consultation (PDF icon 65 KB) that provides information on matters the Coordinator-General may consider when determining whether public consultation of an SDA application is required.


The below table lists changes to the boundary of the Abbot Point SDA and the Development Scheme for the Abbot Point SDA.

Year Amendment


Abbot Point SDA boundary

  • Inclusion of an additional 655 hectares of land to facilitate industrial and infrastructure development at the Port of Abbot Point.

Development Scheme for the Abbot Point SDA

  • Changes to the development precincts to facilitate industry and infrastructure development and proposed port expansion projects, including:
    • the creation of two new precincts, the Port Facilities and Port Expansion precincts, providing for the continued operation and future expansions of the Port of Abbot Point
    • the expansion of the Infrastructure and Corridors precinct.
  • Regulation of reconfiguration of lot and certain operational works.
  • Inclusion of assessment criteria to clarify the standards which SDA applications will be assessed against.
  • Changes to definitions to align with State planning instruments.
  • Various template and formatting changes.


Development Scheme for the Abbot Point SDA

  • Minor and administrative changes to the development scheme to clarify the role of the Coordinator-General and streamline assessment processes.
  • Various template and formatting changes.

Superseded maps

Previous versions of maps of the Abbot Point SDA:

The Abbot Point SDA maps and targeted land use precincts

Land use assessment and approval

Land ownership

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