The Bromelton SDA regulation map (PDF icon 1.9 MB) defines the boundary of the SDA.

The Bromelton SDA development precinct map (PDF icon 643 KB) forms part of the development scheme and identifies the precincts within the Bromelton SDA.

Industry precincts within the Bromelton SDA account for approximately 1800 hectares and include land designated for:

  • rail dependent industry
  • medium to high-impact industry
  • special industry.

Examples of suitable industries include:

  • large-lot industrial uses requiring direct access to the national standard-gauge rail network
  • freight and logistics operations (major intermodal freight terminal)
  • medium- and large-scale manufacturing and warehousing activities with road and/or rail requirements
  • industry support services, freight and logistics/transport servicing depots
  • high-impact and difficult-to-locate industries that require separation from non-industrial uses due to the potential for off-site impacts (in the special industry precinct).

Other precincts within the Bromelton SDA provide for:

  • a Bromelton local service centre to accommodate limited retail and commercial activities
  • transition from rural activities to higher impact industrial activities and separation between industrial activities and sensitive receptors
  • low-impact rural and agricultural activities that are compatible with nearby more intensive industrial development and does not adversely impact sensitive uses outside the SDA.