The Queensland Government committed to a post-implementation review of the SSRC Act, starting within 18 months to two years of the Act commencement. The review is required to be completed within three years of the SSRC Act commencement.

The Office of the Coordinator-General is undertaking the review, with assistance from the Department of Justice and Attorney-General. The review is being conducted in consultation with the Office of Best Practice Regulation, part of the Queensland Productivity Commission, which supports agencies to apply effective and rigorous regulatory impact analysis and consultation to inform policy development.

The terms of reference sets out the scope of the review.

The TOR addresses the Office of Best Practice Regulation’s requirements described in the Queensland Government Guide to Better Regulation (2019).

The review will examine the actual observed impacts of the SSRC Act, including:

  • the costs and benefits of the Act since its implementation and any unintended consequences on the government, community and industry
  • the effectiveness of the Act in meeting its object of ensuring that residents of communities in the vicinity of large resource projects benefit from the construction and operation of these projects.

The review is gathering data through extensive engagement with stakeholders affected by the SSRC Act throughout Queensland. The original timeframe for stakeholder engagement has been extended to accommodate the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on stakeholders’ capacity to participate in the review.

The first stage of consultation, which included targeted stakeholder consultation through structured interviews and an online survey has been completed. The findings of the consultation will be presented in a report, which is planned to be released for public comment in November 2020.

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