Project value

The likely cost of the project is commercial in confidence at this stage


Hyne Timber Pty Ltd

Procurement stage

Stage 2: Detailed Proposal stage of the Market-Led Proposal program


Government funded


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Delivery period


Hyne Timber

Project information

Hyne Timber proposes to design and build a new, engineered timber fire and rescue station and regional headquarters complex in Maryborough on the site of the existing facility.

The timber construction will be made up of 100% Queensland grown timber and will showcase domestically manufactured emerging and advanced engineered timber products and associated building techniques. Apprentice timber workers in the region will receive education about use of the materials. If approved, the project would support up to 35 jobs during construction.

Hyne Timber is partnering with Hutchinson Builders, architectural firm Baber Studio, and engineered timber provider Xlam. If approved, the project will commence construction in 2018-19.

MLP strengths

Alignment with government policy, priority and community need

  • Facilitate Queensland timber industry modernisation and showcase Queensland timber products.
  • Establishes new building techniques associated with emerging and advanced timber products.
  • Benefits the Maryborough regional economy.
  • Links to Maryborough’s timber history.

Justification for direct negotiation

  • Facility will demonstrate timber products developed through research partly funded by the Queensland and the University of Queensland.
  • The proponent consortium has developed expertise and a collaborative partnership in use of the materials.

Value for money

  • The government would benefit from improved emergency services infrastructure at no additional cost to itself compared to a construction using conventional materials and processes.

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