Brisbane International Cruise Terminal

The $158 million Brisbane International Cruise Terminal will provide a dedicated cruise ship facility for mega cruise ships. The project will transform an underutilised and undeveloped land at Luggage Point, on the north side of the Brisbane River, into a thriving tourism hub. Once completed, Brisbane will be able to capture a share of the sizeable cruising industry, increase tourist numbers, create jobs and stimulating the economy.

The terminal will be built to accommodate some of the world’s largest and most luxurious mega cruise ships, optimising passenger experience from 'kerb to cabin'. There will also be public open spaces, parking for cars and buses plus extensive landscaping across the site.

The Brisbane International Cruise Terminal is estimated to support over 240 jobs a year over its two-year construction period. It is expected that approximately 49 operational jobs will be created on average each year.

Further information on the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal.

Logan Motorway Enhancement Project

Transurban Queensland (TQ) is delivering a $512 million enhancement to the Logan Motorway and Gateway Extension motorways – an extension of its contract to operate and maintain the Logan, Gateway and Gateway Extension motorways.

TQ is undertaking a range of improvements to the motorways and surrounding roads to improve driver safety, reduce travel times, relieve local traffic congestion, and enhance connectivity with other major road networks. There will also be a new toll facility for motorists if they choose to use new south-facing ramps at Compton Road to access and exit the Gateway Extension Motorway.

The project is supporting an average of 1,300 jobs during the 2.5 year construction period and will generate around $1 billion in economic benefits for Queenslanders over 30 years. TQ is fully financing the costs of the works and will predominantly fund the project through moderate toll increases for trucks using the Logan and Gateway motorways.