State Infrastructure Plan

The State Infrastructure Plan (SIP) sets the direction for planning, investment and delivery of infrastructure in Queensland.

The SIP also delivers a four-year program of infrastructure projects that is updated annually, to build industry confidence, generate jobs and economic growth and improve liveability.

State Infrastructure Fund

The Queensland Government is providing $2.2 billion over five years, from 2015–16, to build the priority infrastructure needed to support economic growth and liveability into the future.

This supports the implementation of the State Infrastructure Plan and further demonstrates this government's commitment to planning and delivering infrastructure.

Total Asset Management Plan Framework

The Total Asset Management Plan (TAMP) Framework is the whole-of-government policy for managing Queensland Government assets.

Connecting Brisbane – a roadmap for the future

Connecting Brisbane outlines a roadmap for the future of Brisbane’s public transport system.

Infrastructure pipelines

There are a number of public and private sector infrastructure pipelines providing industry, potential investors and all levels of government with information about infrastructure projects currently underway.