The community hubs and partnerships (CHaPs) program is a dedicated multi-agency initiative. It focuses on unlocking social infrastructure and integrated service delivery opportunities by:

  • greater business intelligence – improved sharing of and access to information for cross government place-based decision making
  • responsive service delivery – greater accessibility to streamlined and integrated services
  • improved value for money – maximised investment and optimised use of government resources
  • sustainable practice and culture – embedded evidence-based collaborative approaches to social service and infrastructure planning.

CHaPs works with all levels of government, non-government organisations and the private sector in areas of population growth and changing community needs.

Program vision

Connected people, services and liveable communities across Queensland.

Vox pops

Watch our collection of vox pops with key stakeholders, as they discuss cross-sector partnerships.

Cath Bartolo

Vox pop 1

ChaPs stakeholders talk about their key learnings from the ChaPs breakfast forum “Transforming communities through cross-sector partnerships” held in Brisbane on 13 March 2018.

Brad Jackson

Vox pop 2

ChaPs stakeholders talk about the key benefits of cross-sector partnerships.

Luke Hannan

Vox pop 3

ChaPs stakeholders talk about what makes cross-sector partnerships successful.

Lisa Pollard

Vox pop 4

ChaPs stakeholders talk about what can be done to make cross-sector partnerships more effective.

Penny Goodall

Vox pop 5

ChaPs stakeholders talk about great examples of cross-sector partnerships.

Penny Creamer

Vox pop 6

ChaPs stakeholders talk about the role the program plays in supporting cross-sector partnerships.

Lee Callum

Vox pop 7

ChaPs Executive Director talks about the program’s role.

Lee Callum

Vox pop 8

ChaPs Executive Director talks about the benefits the program brings to communities.

Program benefits: Better intelligence; Better value; Better service - click to view full diagram

Community hubs explained

Many different types of community hubs, including schools and council-managed centres, provide a range of services and facilities to meet community needs.

Community hubs explained - animation

More information

Read more about the CHaPs program and community hubs:

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