1 March 2018

Twin Waters flood study independent review released

An independent third-party review of the Twin Waters Flood Impact Assessment has confirmed that former cane land at Twin Waters West is suitable to be rezoned for urban development.

Deputy Director-General of Planning for the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning Kerry Doss said the report was commissioned to address flooding concerns raised during public consultation.

"Flood modelling shows it is possible to develop the land, subject to appropriate drainage and filling controls," Mr Doss said.

"Importantly, flood modelling demonstrates that the rezoning will not impact on surrounding areas.

"The independent third-party review confirms this," he said.

Any future development of the land will be subject to the assessment criteria in the planning scheme and may require further detailed flood modelling.

"This was an incredibly comprehensive process," Mr Doss said.

“Firstly, the flood modelling involved a range of flood simulations which informed the flood impact study.

"Additionally, the modelling simulations included the effects of climate change.

"To be doubly sure the State Government then commissioned an independent third-party review to ensure the initial flood impact study was robust.

"It is now up to Sunshine Coast Regional Council to adopt and commence the proposed amendment to their planning scheme".